28 May 2011

Help me please .. ~.~

Hey guys , I need some help here .. 
Urm , from the beginning I start 'playing' blog , I still in process to make my blog look beautiful .. 
But , I don't know how to make it colorful or something that will make others interested with my blog.
Sometimes , I felt so jealous with my friends blog that look beautiful and colorful .. 
Not just because of that , but also because of their creativity .. 
They can think deeply to make their blog more beautiful than the others , they use their creativity so that their blog will be more interested than the others ..
Arh ! I don't know why I can't .. 
I don't know which setting that they go .. 
I try and try and try but I didn't make it .. 
Then , I give up then choose the dark layout to represent me that I'm failed ..
To show that I'm a loser !
And I am really a loser !
I always give up for something that easy to do .. 
I don't know why , I'm so week ..
Huh , please .. 
Somebody , give me some ideas how to make my blog looks more interested .. 
Please , teach me .. I'm not 'pro' to use this blog .. 
What I knew is type something to thrown out all the BURDEN that live in my heart like a diary ..
But , I never thought to make my blog beautiful .. 
And this , I need your help who is sincere to help me .. 
I appreciate your kindness ..
Thank you .. ^^

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