31 May 2011

Dunno when .. =.= ??

Here I am again .. 
Before that , I want to say GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE !!
Hehe , look at the sun with a smiley face .. 
Cute right ?
Why don't you do that everyday before you start your day ?
You will look beautiful/charming .. Hehe .. 
Okey , lets us look back to the title .. 
as we know , 16th May is the teachers day right ?
But , our school will celebrate it at the end of June .. 
[ Sa dingar-dingar lr , tiatw btul tw nda .. ]
As usually like the year before , students will make a brief performance to the teachers .. 
I suggest to my friends to read a poem at that time and I will play the piano to lead them .. 
The title of the song that I'd play is "Wings to Fly" ..
I really love this song because it was very touching .. 
I don't want to feel it alone , I want to share with all of them at school ..
So , I will lead the poem with this song so that many students will pay attention to us and involve all the words are presented .. 
But the problem is , we don't know when we should start to practice because after this half year holidays over , all of us was so busy with our own activities and some of them already start to focus on their study ..
And this is a big problem to me 'cause I don't want to cancel what I've planed .. 
It it very disappointing okey .. 
Very , very disappointing .. :'(
So , I'm gonna practice again the song so that I can play clearly without making any mistake .. 
Pray for me k so that my planed will not be cancel .. 
Thank you .. ^^

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